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an advertisement for the movie foundation
The Foundation TV series follows a group of exiles who try to preserve the legacy of humanity as the Galactic Empire faces its inevitable collapse.
a movie poster for the film vesper with a man standing in front of an enormous
Unlike most post-apocalyptic stories, “Vesper” stands out with its melancholy beauty and imaginative, delicately crafted world.
the cover to station eleven by emily st john mandel, with an image of a deer in front of tall buildings
Station Eleven
When a post-apocalyptic drama series becomes a moving play, staged in a world of loss and struggle. #stationeleven #hbomax #emilystjohnmandel #blog #postapocalyptic #series
the cover of becoming superman by michael straczynski
Becoming Superman
Becoming Superman J. Michael Straczynski's memoir Becoming Superman takes us on a journey of impoverished circumstances and abuse to uncovering your true potential. #becomingsuperman #straczynski #memoir #reviews #books
the cover to an old book with a futuristic landscape in the background and text that reads,
Ode to a Lost Explorer
Ode to a Lost Explorer - An Online Novel
the movie poster for lost in space with a child looking at an alien spaceship and another man
Lost in Space
Lost in Space – Reboot
the movie poster for blade runner, which features two men in black shirts and one man in
Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner 2049 - Pleasantly Surprised
the movie poster for harrison ford's blade runner
Blade Runner
Blade Runner – A Timeless Classic
the poster for alien, which features aliens and other creatures in front of a black background
Alien: Covenant
Alien: Covenant – The search for answers
two men sitting on the hood of a car in front of an american gods sign
American Gods
American Gods – You Are What You Worship
two blu - ray movies, one with the title promethus
Re-watching Prometheus before Covenant premier