Fun Food for Kids

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Creative ideas for kid food - mostly fruits and vegetables.

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Swan Cookies Recipe Yasemin Aksu
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Swan Cookies Recipe

Swan Cookies Recipe Yasemin Aksu

Good FoodSaltine CrackersCreative KidsPeanut Butter

Cracker Houses

A few crackers and peanut butter make a very fine house... and more.

Yummy SnacksHealthy EatingGood FoodAwesome Food

A Squirrel Lunch

A squirrel came to lunch today…

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Banana Sushi

Simply delicious in under 5 minutes!

Good FoodSliced AlmondsAlmond Butter

Fruit & Almond Pancakes

A rainbow of pancakes made from scratch!

Good FoodLollipop SticksCreative KidsHugHealthy Eating

Mr. Banana Hugs

Want to make your kids smile AND encourage healthy eating?

Coconut SugarAlmond ButterGood FoodBaked ApplesCreative Kids

No Bake Apple Cookies

100% Nature’s Candy. Preparation Time: 5 Minutes.

VeggiesGood FoodCreative Kids

Bok Choy Peacock

Salad is fun!

Breakfast TimeGood FoodCreative KidsPretzel

Mr. Pretzel Bunny

Some kids start the day doodling on paper while they eat breakfast. Mine create right on their plates!

VeggiesGood FoodDragon PlateCreative Kids

Dragons Eat Veggies

Dragons love veggies, you didn't know?

VeggiesGood FoodCheese SpreadVegan CheeseCreative Kids

Vegan Cheese House

...with a fresh fruit and crisp veggie garden.

Good FoodCreative Kids

Snack Necklace

Fun & yummy crafts your child can chomp on.

Cooking With KidsKids FruitFood KidsGood FoodButterfly Food


Almost too pretty to eat...

Good FoodCreative KidsAnts

Ants on a Log

Healthy Halloween!

Good FoodLarge BowlCreative Kids

Jungle Pancakes

Welcome to the Jungle!

Good FoodPreschool SnacksMini Chocolate Chips

Edible Bugs

Nutritious creepy-crawlers!