Santorini, Greece

A Santorini cat enjoying the lovely Aegean islands weather -- there are wonderful photography books about feral/outdoor cats in the Greek islands (see great photography of the wonderful cats of Greek isles by Hans Silvester)--so beautiful!

Cat on Island of Santorini, Greece

Meowy went to Santorini, Greece to look for Woofy. Both have this dream of visiting this exotic island.


Santorini (CJ) theres lots of feral cats here, when I went, there was one who came to visit and was beautiful, if a little ratty. I called him Domestos (well it sort of sounds greek!

Flight of red steps with cat on #Hydra island ,Kaminia, Greece

Cat on red steps in Hydra Island, Greece. Something in Greece that is not blue! This is very lovely, I remember of cats