Communist propaganda

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a drawing of a woman with red lines on her face and hands in front of her face
This young girl wearing a cap with a red star represents a true pioneer, a child of revolution. She uses her hands to transform a single red string into various shapes and tell a story of her life to an attentive observer. Cette jeune fille portant une casquette montée d’une étoile rouge, nous enseigne un jeu d’époque appelé le ``Berceau du chat. Ce jeu consiste à créer différentes formes en faisant glisser un bout de ficelle entre ces doigts.
an image of people in different ways to describe what they're doing on the internet
Joyenergizer - When life sucks, make it right!
an old propaganda poster with a woman's face and words on the back ground
the russian passport is red and gold
Soviet union passport stock image. Image of seal, customs - 13559973
the emblems of different countries are shown