Ageia Theodora in Megalopolis, Greece - an amazing little church in Greece that has 17 trees growing on the roof - with no trace of the tree roots.

Ancient Messini Stadium

The imposing stadium / Ancient Messene, Greece / There is also an impressive agora, a theater, temples and a Sanctuary of Asclepius

Ancient Messini

Ancient Messini was built in 369 BC according to the Hippodamian grid system, so named after Hippodamus of Miletus, who belives that a town plan should reflect a rational and democratic social order.

Methoni Tower

Shaped by years of history, Messinia's glorious past is evidenced by palaces and tombs from the Mycenaean period, Classical temples, Byzantine churches and well-preserved medieval castles ★ Greece


Messinia: featuring luxurious resorts and boutique guest houses, high mountains and mellow olive groves, historical sites of all ages and of course amazing beaches of all kinds. Τhis corner of the Peloponnese has it all!


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