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Handy Hospital Bag Checklist(s) Not a First baby but it has been a while...

What you pack when you have your first baby and when you have your second is very different. Learn what you need and print out these handy birth affirmations. -- More info could be found at the image url.

Let's Skip Bottle Feeding and Get Right to Pizza Baby

Let's Skip Bottle Feeding and Get Right to Pizza - What baby wants to be bottle fed when pizza exists? If you’re a pizza loving parent and you’re looking for some humorous apparel to add to their wardrobe this funny baby shirt is perfect for them!

Bottle Feeding | Feeding Chart | How much formula | Formula amount | Formula feeding chart | How much to feed my baby

I remember the day that I finally had to give my 4 day old twins a bottle. The memory that is most vivid is the feeling of being completely confused because I wasn't given any information on how many ounces a newborn needs during bottle feeding.