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When I was just starting out making art, I was utterly focused on the kinds of art materials used by artists that I admired. Over my lifetime, I literally have blown bazillions of dollars in art stores. I think what I loved about new art materials wa

Why do you make art? That is the question that all artists ask themselves. Nicholas Wilton shares how art can distinguish the vital few from the trivial many.

nicholas wilton paintings | FIRST THURSDAY - 06.07.12 - Part I

San Francisco Art Galleries - First Thursday Art Openings: June Part I

Michael Shemchuk - 2 panels 36x36

SHEMCHUK: Contemporary abstract artist based in California.

Nicholas Wilton Soul Contract

Available for sale from Caldwell Snyder Gallery, Nicholas Wilton, Soul Contract Mixed media on panel, 36 × 48 in

I received a question from an artist the other day about how to write an artist’s statement. I obviously can’t comment on what anyone can say about his or her work as everyone’s work is different; I do however, have some observations and gu

Here Nicholas Wilton shares 3 ways of writing a great artist's statement.

“Tomboy” by Nicholas Wilton.

"Tomboy"+by+Nicholas+Wilton. When+someone+is+about+to+purchase+your+art+they+always+look+at+it+for+a+long+time.+They+also+look+at+the+small+white+tag+on+the+wall+next+to+the+art+to+see+the+title.+They+are+looking+for+connection+with+your+a

916_The Idea that Will Improve your Art

The idea that will improve your art practice is that as you make art you always are progressing. Your art practice naturally develops through repeated attempts

What Inspires You? THIS QUESTION CHANGES EVERYTHING | Nicholas Wilton

I became somewhat obsessed with this question early on and have been asking myself the same one for my entire life. In my current job of mentoring artists, I now help others find their own answers to this very same question.