Greece | Kimolos island, mid 1900s

The photo was taken by Chrousaki, 50 or 60 years ago. Kimolos is an island in Aegean Sea in Greece.

Old National Road: Athens - Patra

Info and tips on how to come here in Sykia from Athens and Patra with your car or by public trasportation.

Ελληνικό  κατάστημα στην Σμύρνη.

Ελληνικό κατάστημα στην Σμύρνη.

David Seymour - Olympia. GREECE. 1951.

David Seymour - Olympia, At the full moon in September, the traditional time for ancient Olympic games, a panegyreis (county fair) takes place. Every tavern hires an orchestra for the occasion. This one has a gypsy singer and dancer.