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a cat sitting on the ground in front of some flowers and lavenders with text overlay
Ways To Keep Cats Off The Garden
Easy ways to keep cats off the vegetable and flower garden bed by using these natural ways that are safe to use around the yard wherever the cat likes to hang out.
colorful flowers with the words 15 easy to grow annual flowers from seeds on top and bottom
15 Easy To Grow Annual Flowers From Seeds
Plan a backyard garden with these easy to grow annual flowers from seeds that will be blooming all summer long with minimal care in full sun or partial shade.
green plants with the words how to stop slugs from hosta
How To Prevent Slug Easting Hosta Plants
Use these simple remedies from the kitchen to stop slugs from eating hostas and eliminate or reduce the damage to hosta leaves before it happens.
lettuce in a glass bowl with the title how to regrow lettuce from cuttings
Regrow Lettuce From Kitchen Scraps
Skip the seed-starting process by saving the lettuce cutting and regrow lettuce from kitchen scraps to get a new plant ready to harvest. It is one of easy ways to grow a vegetable garden in your backyard.
Vine ripen alpine strawberries. The Secret, Fruit, Planting Flowers, Growing Raspberries, Growing Strawberries, Garden Veggies, Summer Harvest, Growing, Alpine Strawberries
Growing Alpine Strawberries In Your Garden
Grow these alpine strawberries as a low-care edible plant providing a continuous summer harvest and delicious treats from your backyard garden.
Variegated and chartreuse Hosta foliage. Simple, Tips, Easy, Leaves, Slugs, Quick, Eliminate, The Damage
Remedy To Prevent Slugs on Hostas
Use these simple remedies from the kitchen to stop slugs from eating hostas naturally and eliminate or reduce the damage to hosta leaves before it happens. Easy gardening tips for your backyard garden or container garden.
Onion flower blooms and onion plants buds. Edible Garden, Plants, Onion Flower, Onion, Flower Garden, Garden Projects
Onion Flowers: What To Do With It
When you see the onion is blooming and bolting early, there are still some ways you can do to use onion flowers for your backyard garden.
Variegated green and maroon coleus plant. Hardy Perennials, Growing Plants, Growing Indoors, Growing Flowers
Planting Coleus And Growing Tips
Growing tips for the low care plant and beginner-friendly coleus flower as an easy to grow plant throughout the garden or creates curb appeal for the front of the house or shrub border in the backyard garden.
colorful flowers with the words, hardy annual flowers for cool season on top and bottom
Easy To Grow Frost Tolerant Annual Flowers
Plant these easy to grow colorful cold-hardy annual flowers from seed in early spring that will keep blooming even in the cold climate garden.
how to use tissue paper rolls for gardening
Tissue Paper Roll Tricks For The Garden
Save the tissue paper rolls and use it for your backyard garden, tissue paper tube is a perfect material to help plants grows, and it is completely biodegradable.
Green peas, tomatillos, zucchini, beans, spinach, lettuce. Growing Vegetables, Companion Planting, Fresh, Easy To Grow Vegetables, Growing Corn, Easy Vegetables To Grow
20 Easy To Grow Vegetables From Seed
Plant these easy to grow vegetables from seed, so you will have fresh picked veggies from your backyard garden.
Garden Care, Perennial Bushes With Flowers, Best Perennials, Perennial Gardens, Full Sun Perennials, Part Sun Perennials, Shade Perennials
18 Low-Maintenance Perennials For Your Garden
Hydrangea, Spirea, Double Flowering Plums, and Nanking Cherry shrubs are in full blooms. Small Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Low Growing Shrubs, Shrubs, Growing Herbs, Flowers Perennials, Perennial Garden, Dwarf Flowering Shrubs
Short Flowering Shrubs For Small Yard
Build the backyard garden with the short flowering shrubs for the foundation planting, and year round interest when season changes.
how to grow walker's low catmint in the garden with purple flowers
How To Grow Walker's Low Catmint
Use this guide to learn how to grow Walker's Low catmint.
flowers with the words easy to grow annual flowers from seed
15 Easy To Grow Annual Flowers From Seed
Build your backyard garden with these easy to grow annual flowers from seed, colorful blooms, low care flowers and give you an instant cottage garden ideas.