What little girl wouldn't adore this??  Great idea, great execution! Bookcase Dollhouse from The Fabulous Ana White | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White

Great idea for a doll house that can be used as a bookcase later! Bookcase Dollhouse from The Fabulous Ana White

Modern doll's house - Petit & Small

Modern Dolls’ Houses

We have sometimes told that we like classical entertainment ways for kids. It’s true that technology is a good fun resource, but there is a huge choice of amusi

Jar Garden

30 Awesome DIY Projects that You've Never Heard of

Ladyslipper and moss terrarium - love orchids.may have to try this if i can find a small orchid!

Your home will smell amazing. | 44 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be So Much Easier In 2013

This is a great way to have the coffee house smell in your home. Coffee beans, tea lights and ramekins. The heat from the tea light releases the aroma from the beans.