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a white and blue cutting board sitting on top of a wooden table
How to Remove Stains From Plastic Cutting Boards
a person holding a red net over a frying pan
Nobody Believes But It REALLY WORKS! 50 Brilliant (+1 FREE) Budget Ideas Work Like CRAZY Magic!
Nobody Believes But It REALLY WORKS! 50 Brilliant (+1 FREE) Budget Ideas Work Like CRAZY Magic! - YouTube
cleaning Hack... 😃
someone is holding a red and blue stamper on top of a piece of paper
How to Easily Make DIY Labels Without Using a Cricut
If find yourself in need of labels but don't have a label maker on hand, you must try this DIY labels hack.
a bottle of hydrogen peroxide cleaning hacks with instructions on how to use it
Spring Cleaning Outside the Bucket
a package of drinking straws sitting on top of a table
Use This to Throughly Clean Your Sink Plug Hole
Hello, Blessings for 2023I have this trick that will work for bathroom and kitchen sinks plug holes mainly,I clean mine regularly, but below the plug hole there is always hair and gunk that i can't reach.I owned a sink plug cleaner it was long and orange with groves down each side, that would fit down the plug hole and pull out all the gunk. But I had put that in the bin.The last time I used it, it was so dirty, I never wanted to store it, even if I did clean it!So I've made a replica,…
a bottle of odor blaster on a white background
8 Baking Soda Cleaning Tips to Clean Your House Fast | ARM & HAMMER
8 Baking Soda Cleaning Tips to Get Your House Clean Fast
Bedding tips and tricks, home hacks, bedding hacks, cleaning hacks
the kitchen counter is clean and ready to be used as a disinfectant
Easy Homemade Spray For Cleaning Blinds
Cleaning blinds is one of everyone's least favorite household chores. They get dirty quickly, but can also be difficult to clean!I spent several months testing every tip, method, and DIY cleaner on the blinds in my home to see which ones worked best and quickest. **Before we share the recipe, please head to this link to learn all the tips, how to use them plus when to use them!The link above shares things like using different microfiber, wet vs dry cloths, and more tips depending o…
The many uses of baking soda!
a metal pan filled with food on top of a counter next to a white and red sign
Simple Tip To Remove Baked On Grease
I bought this for my mom's birthday and she loves it!🥰
Magic Shower Spray