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Razor Free Font by Jeff Schreiber, via Behance

We put together different creations based on typography, posters and original projects. You will discover a combination of graphic styles that use typography, calligraphy and lettering in order to give you inspiration for your next creations, or simply ha

The basic needs of a green personality type are mental power or being seen as smart. This is a pretty good way of describing me. I think a lot and I enjoy the feeling of being right. I can be very analytical and logical. I like knowing that there is a right and wrong answer and I enjoy finding it out. I'm also a very independent person. I want to do things on my own and keep myself motivated. I'm always thinking about everything and anything. I also have pretty good problem solving skills.

"Multi-faceted Show" "See All the Sides of APA" "More Than One Side" -The geometric pattern within the "open" provides a unique physical representation of psychology rather than standard "cogs turning in brain" representation.