Towel Origami

Collection by Cynthia Torredes


Beautiful towel origami never cease to welcome and greet guests aboard the cruise ship with lovable animals shapes and romantic scape.

Cynthia Torredes
Teddy Bear: Origami: Origami Osibori or towels items) Napkins Recreation. Toilet Paper Origami, Towel Origami, Fabric Origami, Origami Folding, Napkin Folding, Bathroom Towel Decor, Towel Animals, Towel Cakes, Decorative Towels

Осибори или оригами из полотенец (4 изделия)

Зайка осибори

''Photos of Galapagos Islands'' - IgoUgo we had a different towel origami every day in our cabin Toilet Paper Origami, Towel Origami, Cabin Bathroom Decor, Bathroom Towel Decor, Towel Animals, Diy And Crafts, Arts And Crafts, How To Fold Towels, Towel Cakes

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Towel cake with origami flowers Towel Origami, Origami Paper Folding, Wedding Towel Cakes, Teen Gift Baskets, Towel Animals, Wedding Shower Decorations, Auction Baskets, Towel Crafts, Best Wedding Gifts

Towel cake with origami flowers

This is the towel cake I made for Charissa's shower. The flowers are made from paper using wet folding technique.

bunny towels-I used to have one of these when I was a Kid. We used to put Ice cubes in it . It was called the Boo- Boo Bunny Boo Boo Bunny, Easter Crafts For Kids, Easter Ideas, Towel Origami, Towel Animals, Frozen Hot Chocolate, Burp Cloths, Hand Towels, Spring

Towel Bunny!!!

For Jessy! :) Here's what my cousin Victor taught the kids to make over CNY this year: HOW TO MAKE A TOWEL BUNNY: You will need: a towel (square preferred), a rubber band, some pins for eyes/noseSTEP 1: starting in one corner, roll the towel into a long sausage shapelike this: STEP 2: Bend the sausage shape into a "U" STEP 3: Cross one end of the sausage shape over the other. (these will be the ears) STEP 4: Flip the ends over onto the curve of the "U" STEP 5: Secure in the centre with…

Towel Sculpture Towel Sculpture Towel Sculpture and Elephant Sculpture made of sheets, towels, and p. Towel Animals, Cute Animals, Elephant Towel, Towel Origami, How To Fold Towels, Elephant Sculpture, Decorative Towels, Napkin Folding, Family Kids

Animal Towel Sculptures | Towel folding Origami

1.Elephant Towel Sculpture 2.Monkey Towel Sculpture 3.Lobster Towel Sculpture 4.People and Elephant Sculpture made of sheets, towels, and pillows 5.Swan Towel Sculpture 6.Crocodile Towel Sculpture 7.Elephant Couple Towel Sculpture 8.Bunny Towel Sculpture 9.Dog Towel Sculpture 10.Sweet Couple Swan Towel Sculpture 11.Shar Pei Towel Sculpture 12.Sea Lion Towel Sculpture 13.Rat Towel Sculpture 14.Child Towel Sculpture 15.Loch Ness Monster? 16.Escargot Towel Sculpture 17.Ppenguin Towel Sculpture…

Towel-Origami Bear

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alligator origami towel

alligator origami towel