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Be Healthy/Eat Whole Foods

To be your Best Self, with Energy, Health, Ideal Weight and a Clear Mind, make the effort to eat Foods from the Garden, fresh fruit, whole grains and beans…
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Healthy habits

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Making Produce last longer!

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Prevent food waste

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Mucus causing foods

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10 Best Foods for Heart Health

Heart health

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Lower cholesterol naturally

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Brain food

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More water

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How to Grow Sprouts


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1. Coconut Oil 2. Almonds 3. Eggs 4. Whole-grain foods 5. Coconut Water 6. Turmeric 7. Broccoli 8. Water 9. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 10. Avocados 11. Dark Leafy Greens 12. Oysters 13. Garlic 14. Dark Chocolate 15. Chaste berry (vitex) – (Women only) 16. Kiwifruit 17. Green Tea 18. Yogurt 19. Walnuts 20. Gelatin

Hormone balancing foods

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Good food

Healthy motivational pictures

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Healthy snacks

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SO much healthier and SO much cheaper than store-bought, homemade rice milk is an excellent substitute in baking, or for dairy allergies. Plus, it can literally be made with leftovers from dinner!

Dairy alternatives

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Tired of your kids getting sick? You CAN do something about it. Read about these suggestions that will work for every parent from a feeding therapist and mom.

Healthy Kids

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Make the most of your body’s beneficial bugs — for gut #health #immunity #metabolism and more.
How to Make Sauerkraut Tutorial. Step by step with photos! It's so easy!

Enzymes/ Gut health

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Ten Tips For Saving Money On Groceries & Eating Healthier (Part Two) #dirtydozen #cleanfifteen
eat clean. eat real food.

Clean Eating

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When to buy "in season" fruits and veggies! "Just a helpful tool to tell when to get things at their freshest" @allthecooks #recipe


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20 Healthy Meal Prep Foods to Save Money and Time! Love this list and printable to put on the fridge.
52 Meatless Meals to Slash Your Grocery Bill
30 inexpensive health foods infographic

Frugal foods

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The Gerson Therapy. Dr. Gerson treated cancer patients using a whole foods, plant based diet and has a clinic that his daughter now runs that has had patients recover with amazing success.


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A luscious, rich and creamy healthy vegan rose sauce served over zucchini and pasta. A delicious pasta for Spring and Summer that will have you entire family coming back for more! #VEGAN #HEALTHY #EASY #MEATLESSMONDAY #PASTA
A Whole-Food, Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Based Diet Improves Fertility
Opt for filling your stomach with a whole food plant based diet, which is healthier, more filling and satisfying - cruelty-free dining #vegan #diet #health

WFPB -whole food, plant based

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A food blogger's experience cutting out refined sugars and grains completely for 60 days. Lots of lessons learned! | gimmesomeoven.com

Sugar-free/ alternatives

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10 Foods That Help Relieve Constipation In Your Kids: Your child is suffering from constipation when he/she is having difficulty in passing stool. it becomes easier to look for solutions.How To Treat Constipation In Kids?
Is your kid suffering from constipation? Here's an article that lets you know 10 foods good for constipation in kids. Now stop worrying about and include these food items in their diet.

Fiber rich foods

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10 Vegetables To Lose Weight

Zero calorie foods-Lose Weight

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How to Make and Use Mushroom Powder - a Wonderful Addition to Your Pantry


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