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Cool celebrity photos you probably haven't seen before!

Random celebrity photos you probably haven't seen. Photos by: Martin Schoeller

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When Your Son Asks You Why He Has To Study - FIFY Advice for Your Daughter: When your son asks you why he has to him he can land the hot babe regar

Be a leader

A boss tells people what to do, a leader shows how to do things. A boss criticizes and a leader gives advice. A boss demands respect and a leader earns and deserves respect. Be a leader, not a boss

The genetic map of Britain

The genetic map of Britain - Gene Expression. Anglo-Saxon England rather jumps out at you does it not? Second, the similarity between southwest Wales and northern England is explicable.

The Land Of Maps : Photo

Genealogical DNA test - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - image shows y-DNA haplogroup distribution in Europe

La rentrée littéraire...

Rentrée littéraire