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Black Cat Appreciation Day~8/17

Black Cat Appreciation Day

Nothing is quite as elegant as a black cat—like a miniature Amazonian jaguar, they doze atop the highest point in the area, waking for several hours daily to prowl around hunting for a tasty morsel. But black cats and kittens are often overlooked when animal shelters are looking for new homes, and can be at the shelter much […]

Root Beer Float Day~8/6

Root Beer Float Day

Root Beer Float Day is celebrated on August 6th every year. Between the luxurious vanilla ice-cream and the sumptuous root beer foam, how can any individual resist this delightful beverage? This amazingly refreshing summer treat has its own special day to celebrate its undeniable brilliance. Towards the end of the 19th century, a gentleman named […]

S'mores Day~8/10

S'mores Day

Graham crackers, melted chocolate and sticky toasted marshmallows, all in one little sandwich—if that doesn’t get you licking your chops, what does? S’mores are the one of the most popular North American desserts and practically the quintessential campfire treat. Never tried them? Then S’mores Day is the day for you! And even if you have […]

Teddy Bear Day~9/9

Teddy Bear Day

The teddy bear is one of the most popular toys for children, and holds a special place in many adults hearts, too. This lovable stuffed animal has a day all of its own, Teddy Bear Day. It gives a chance for people to get teddy out of the cupboard and make him the center of […]

Odie Day~8/8

Odie Day

Odie Day celebrates the fictional character from the famous Garfield comic strip created by the iconic cartoonist Jim Davis. Odie has also appeared in Garfield and friends, two live-action feature films and three amazing CGI feature length films. Odie is the only character to mature in the Garfield cartoon universe. Odie is characterized as a tremendously […]

White Wine Day~8/3

White Wine Day

The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars. Benjamin Franklin There is a positive rainbow of wines in the world, but none so sweet and fair as those that are deemed white. Make no mistake, white wines are rarely if ever […]

Beer and Pizza Day~10/9

Beer and Pizza Day

There’s little that makes a day as glorious as finishing it off with that perfect combination of beer and pizza. The foamy head on top of a glass of amber colored joy seems to be tailor made to go with the rich and cheesy texture of that favorite of treats, pizza. It’s little wonder that […]

Cheeseburger Day~9/18

Cheeseburger Day

Cheeseburger day is celebrated annually on the 18th September. This celebration of one of the most iconic and delicious foods of the USA, has been taking place every year since the early part of the Roaring 20s era. Cheeseburger day is marked in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways it’s […]

Banana Split Day~8/25

Banana Split Day

I believe in holistic medicine, yoga, Pilates and so on. But I also believe in banana split sundaes once in a while. Gwyneth Paltrow In our opinion, this is easily one of the best parts of summer or any time of year where you like to indulge in an ice cream treat! It blends together […]

Hot Fudge Sundae Day~7/25

Hot Fudge Sundae Day

It’s hard to go wrong with ice cream—no matter what you do with it, it seems like it always results in something delicious. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cake, milkshakes, ice cream fondue…need we say more? And one of the few things that can make ice cream even better than it is thick, hot, sweet […]

Batman Day~9/26

Batman Day

If you are of the opinion that there are not enough days set aside to celebrate fictional vigilantes, who dress up as flying creatures in order to tackle crime, then we agree with you. Fortunately, there is one such date set aside every year – Batman Day. The purpose of Batman Day is to celebrate […]

Cheese Pizza Day~9/5

Cheese Pizza Day

Although we are all fond of piling toppings onto our favourite pizzas, the humble cheese pizza is celebrated with Cheese Pizza Day. It is estimated that there are more than 70,000 pizzerias across the United States, demonstrating how pizza has been adopted into the national psyche. Bizarrely, pizza – especially a basic cheese pizza – […]

Ice Cream Sandwich Day~8/2

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The cold twin bursts of chocolate with the soft hint of vanilla between, leading to a small explosion of flavor. A delight over a century old, and even more impressive is that it is still as liked today as it was back then. The very taste of delight for untold of summers, this is the […]

Raspberry Cake Day~7/31

Raspberry Cake Day

Raspberries are a fruit that is undeniably unique among the wide variety of fruits out in the world; with a sweet tartness and a seedy interior, raspberries make desserts a different experience entirely. Raspberry Cake Day celebrates just one example of the sweet concoctions that is delightful to experience. Today, we’re celebrating the history of […]

Milk Chocolate Day~7/28

Milk Chocolate Day

How is milk chocolate different from other chocolates? It’s a mix of cocoa solids and either dry or condensed milk. While dark chocolate is traditionally used as a baking ingredient, this lighter version is used to make chocolate candy bars, hot chocolate, and many other delicious desserts. Did you know that chocolate actually has mood-enhancing […]