Easy no-bake Strawberry Chocolate tart

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Apple Cinnamon Rings

Apple Cinnamon Rings ~ Delish apple rings dipped in a delectable batter, fried to golden perfection and tossed in a cinnamon sugar mixture! Wow this is probably the greatest thing EVER!

Κέικ πραλίνας φουντουκιού με τρία υλικά (χωρίς μίξερ)/Three ingredient nutella loaf cake (no mixer)

Έχεις αυγά, αλεύρι & nutella; Φτιάξε ένα κέικ

Hazelnut cake with three materials (without mixer) / Three ingredient nutella loaf cake (no mixer)

Σοκολατένιο γλυκό ψυγείου σε 10'

Ces 10 desserts sont à réaliser sans four ! Facile et tout aussi délicieux !

Κέϊκ βανίλιας με Nutella

A great Nutella Cake recipe - easy, delicious and not too sweet. This simple Nutella Cake is actually a giant Nutella muffin made in a cake loaf tin.


Mississippi Mud Dessert Brownies: Instead Of The Listed Toppings, I Pressed Chocolate Chips Into The Batter Before It Baked And Topped It With Chocolate Sauce And Vanilla Ice Cream.

Κέικ ψυγείου με σοκολάτα & Tia Maria

we're back to decadence, with this Chocolate Tia Maria Fridge Cake recipe (though it does contain Fage yogurt, so perhaps it can be considered *slightly* less unhealthy?