Danae Anagnostopoulou

Danae Anagnostopoulou

Danae Anagnostopoulou
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How to do temporary dreadlocks: fake it for a day!

There are a lot of hairstyles out there that look great on other people but are likely to send commitment-phobes running for the hills. Dreadlocks are definitel.

Lea Peckre for JP Gaultier

Lea Peckre for JP Gaultier Spider web dress This garment reminds me of a spider web. I love that inspiration is everywhere. This sheer black fabric looks like a tulle fabric or a net or organza fabric.

Meditation Space, Paris, 1995, Tadao Ando

Space For Meditation by architect Tadao Ando. It was built in 1995 in Paris- UNESCO complex for the anniversary of United Nations. The ground is paved with granite slabs from Hiroshima that were irradiated during the explosion of the H-bomb in August,