Gigabit Wireless – Did I heard right?

ASUS for gamers: router dual band to 900 Mbps by two 450 Mbps bands operating at & 5 Ghz each

What is Team Viewer and how to use it - by Daniel Dogeanu

Free Tool: Remote Access Made Easy with TeamViewer

Google Chrome the fastest browser?

How to quickly and easily increase memory (and maybe performance) on Chrome OS Pocketables

VivoBook portable series from ASUS

Vivobook Asus - An Amazing Ultraportable Touchscreen

Yahoo! Messenger - Recommended Settings

Starting today we will make a series of tutorials with recommended settings for different applications.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview: First Impressions

wk 3 - more information, but using graphics to convey information as simply as possible

Equivalence between UNIX and Windows file permissions

For those of you who develop or deliver WordPress websites on Windows, it is difficult to get relevant information about file

FlyingBit Password Keeper

Have you ever had trouble remembering a password? You have too many online accounts and it’s impossible to remember all the

How to solve audio problems in Google Chrome

How to solve audio problems in Google Chrome

How to disable the annoying ads that appear on Skype.

In today’s article I will show you how to disable the annoying ads that appear on Skype, in the bottom of the contact list, chat

Facebook discovered fake Digital Certificates while observing SSL connections

How to enable HTTPS and create a certificate signing request on your Synology NAS

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Facebook is not a dating site, it’s a People Directory | Blue Smoke

A few days ago, while reading an article about User Interaction (in Web Design), I had a revelation.

How to solve the SSL certificate problem in Google Chrome

Because I’ve received countless messages and comments on the subject, I decided to write an article about it.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Graphics cards render passwords useless

GTX la più veloce ed efficiente architettura al mondo