Pelion, Kalamos, Ionian Islands

Pelion Kalamos Ionian Islands

Itineraries: The Road Less Traveled: - The Pelion *Wind your way down the hairpin roads of this spectacular peninsula, discovering lovely villages, quiet beaches and enjoying a beautifully cool climate.

Pelio is the mountain above the city Volos in mainland Greece. It's called the mountain of four seasons because tou can go on holidays there all year long.You can go swimming at its  breathtaking beaches in the summer, go hiking, or horse riding up in the mountain and even go skiing in the winter. Its def my fav place in all of Greece and visit it at least once a year.

Rocky Pelion beach with arch formations - Greece (hironkentavros.

Pelion mountain, Magnisia, Greece / photo by Hercules Milas

Pelion mountain Magnisia Greece / photo by Hercules Milas. Relax with these backyard landscaping ideas and landscape design. more with this remixed with that can you.

Alley in Pelion Lafkos, Greece.  Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

This photo from Magnisia, Thessaly is titled 'so much more light'.

A modern reconstruction of ARGO, the ship used by Jason and his Argonauts to fetch the Golden Fleece from Colchis. The reconstruction was undertaken by the City Of Volos where the modern Argo is moored.

The new reconstructed Argo Ship on it's first trip. A replica of "Argo", the mythical ship that bore Jason and the Argonauts on their heroic quest for the Golden Fleece, sails in the Corinth canal in Korinthos, Greece