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Composting at home is easy, cost-effective and totally radical. Click the picture to learn more!

How to Make Worm Castings Tea

How to Make Worm Castings Tea

How to Make Worm Castings Tea. Worm tea may not sound too appetizing but your plants will really love it. You can buy this amazing fertilizer from a number of online sites but if you have a worm bin, you can make your own. Worm tea lets...

brewing aerobic compost tea

Compost Tea

As with everything, there is even controversy around how to make compost tea. The two basic camps are anaerobic, or aerobic, and there is “scientific research” to back up both sides tha…

Worm Casting Compost Tea Recipe

Worm Bin Update - Worm Casting Compost Tea Recipe

Here is a quick update on the worm bin......We make worm casting compost tea. Casting compost tea is awesome and easy to make. It's worth it's weight in gold...

Scarecrow's Garden: Brewing-up Worm Castings

Brewing-up Worm Castings

Further to the Brewing of Plant Based Teas to use for feeding your garden I've come across the process of brewing compost to make a beneficial feeding brew for your soils and plants. After reading information on a few sites my interest was stirred to find out more on the subject. A quick search on YouTube came up with this list and a heap of videos to view! See here. So I set out to try it! I gathered up some equipment: An air pump for use in an aquarium to bubble the water. With tubing…

How To Brew Compost Tea

How To Brew Compost Tea

We first learned about compost tea during a visit at a local nursery. There, they sold this super-nutrient plant food by the gallon, and it promised to help my ailing plants like no other prescription could do. Now that we know what it’s good for, and have our own compost pile in the backyard, we’re ready to make our own — it’s cheap and easy, and it’s like gold for plants!

Organic Gardening SECRET: worm tea. Simple how to video on making your own organic liquid "fertilizer." - wormbincomposting Resources and Information. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are searching for!

Everyday Organic Gardening Blog: My New Compost Bin Plus Compost Tea From My Worm Bin.

My New Compost Bin Plus Compost Tea From My Worm Bin

My plants really need to eat well, so I have invested in a small compost maker to work literally side by side with the worm compost bin. When I ordered and received the compost bin, a bag of microbes was included. You are supposed to sprinkle the microbes on the chopped up food that is placed in the compost container and wait a couple of weeks. It should be well made compost by that time. I will update and upload pictures as things happen. Here is the picture of compost tea made by the red…

compost tea & worm castings info

Using Worm Castings & Worm Tea

HOW DO I USE MY VERMICOMPOST & WORM CASTINGS? Vermicompost is a mixture of humus, worm castings and decomposing matter. Worm castings look like rich soil, it is dark and crumbly. Most food will be broken down and active microorganisms will have dwindled. Both are gold for the garden. Use them

Compost Tea for the vegetable garden -October 2010 -- Growing a vegetable garden

Brewing compost / worm cast tea for your vegetable garden is easy. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana - Cajun Country at http://www.theba...

compost tea

How to Brew Compost Tea

Steeping compost in water creates an all natural plant food known as compost tea. This method makes an even better batch.

How to make Compost Tea with Worm Castings?

How to make Compost Tea with Worm Castings?

How to make Compost Tea with Worm Castings?

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Why Compost Tea is NOT Created Equal & How to Make the Best Compost Tea

Why Compost Tea is NOT Created Equal & How to Make the Best Compost Tea

John from goes on a field trip to Boogie Brew to interview the founder, Josh Cunnings about Compost Tea. Compost Tea can me...

How to Make Your Own Compost Tea | going home to roost

How to Make Your Own Compost Tea

Compost tea is a solution made from traditional or worm compost. It contains billions of microorganisms that help convert soil nutrients and minerals into a form more easily absorbed by plant roots.