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These Memphis-Inspired House Goods Are A Nostalgic Nod To The '80s | Co.Design…

We love this inspirational graphic look. The grid wallpaper and monochrome look works seamlessly with the colbolt blue, tied together with splashes of red and green

This is a great look for fine hair with the graduation at the back.

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Enter the Void, 2009.

- Enter the Void

Enter the Void [ Gaspar Noé | 2009 | France ]

From well-known classics to movies you’ve maybe never heard of, here are 10 great indies to check out on Netflix.

Enter the Void, 2009 (dir. Gaspar Noé)

Enter the Void, 2009 (dir. Gaspar Noé) this literally tripped me out when I watched it when I was Such amazing cinematography!