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Words to live by and said by one of the coolest warlocks ever!
Birthday surprise for boyfriend
Out of The Blue | DIY Christmas Baskets for Teens
Custom travel surprise for an birthday card. With custom personalized mini boarding passes. Made for a co-worker who is surprising his wife with a trip to San Francisco for her birthday. www.madcapfrenzy.blogspot.com
This adorable idk what you'd use it for but it's cute
22 Perfect Gift Ideas for Your Best Friends
Birthday balloon avalanche :) What you'll need: -bedroom door that opens inward -clear shower curtain (you could use anything but we chose the clear curtain so we could capture her face on video) -painters tape -75 balloons (we used the small ones and probably "over did it"... but she only turns 6 once, right?!) -two out of breath parents -one birthday girl/boy ...
This is sweet. A woman left this for her husband because his love language is words of affirmation
Mini Party In A Box @balloontime