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If Social Network 404 page not found errors told the truth [Screaming Social] (vía Curioseando) Social Media Humor, Le Social, Social Media Training, Social Media Tips, Social Networks, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing

Social Network 404 Errors - Web Comics | Daniel Zeevi

What if social network 404 errors told the truth?

Celebrate National Coffee Day with beautiful coffee art - coffee quotes - Coffee Talk, Coffee Is Life, I Love Coffee, Hot Coffee, Coffee Drinks, Coffee Cups, Coffee Beans, Coffee Lovers, Coffee Maker

Happy Wednesday :) #c... - Coffee Ideas | Barbara Fariña

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in Your vs. Money in Your vs. in Your vs. Independent News Sources, Get Educated, How To Get Rich, Money Matters, Study Tips, Finance, Confused, Border Top, English

Money and Finances When You're in Your 20s Versus 30s [COMICS]

Money and finances should not be taken lightly. After creating an amazing illustrated series about living in San Francisco versus New York, Sarah Cooper of The Cooper Review is back, this time to lighten the mood around those often burdensome financial concerns. In these comics, entitled 'Money in Your 20s Versus 30s,' Cooper covers various ...

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How Cats Really See the World [COMICS]

To your cat, your laptop keyboard isn't for typing, it's a VIP's red carpet, an invitation to preen. The top of your bookcase – it's a summit to be scaled. Artists Vondell Swain and Andrew Bridgman created a funny series of illustrations as part of a College Humor comic called 'How Cats See the World.' ...

100 Jokes And Memes About Millennials That Will You Laughing And Crying For Hours Millennial Memes, 100 Jokes, Las Vegas, Bottle Tattoo, Laughing And Crying, Laughing Squid, Some Body, Humor, Tumblr Posts

Why Is Your Millennial Crying? [COMIC]

Have you, a friend, or a loved one been brought to tears recently? Are you or that person between fifteen and thirty five years old? Artist Gemma Correll has created a humorous illustrated comic to explain all the various possible causes for our millennial tears. Perhaps we're out of coffee or maybe we've found a ...

Pin for Later: These Cute Comics Are Frighteningly Accurate When It Comes to Your Love Life When you go on a romantic getaway . Life Comics, A Comics, Funny Comics, Dating World, Romantic Getaway, Bored Panda, Love Life, Love Her, Things To Come

Artists Draws about Her Love of Eating in Bed and Other Quirks [COMICS]

We all love food, but is it our one true love? Artist and illustrator Evisa Isabella Rose seems to think it's hers, as demonstrated by her comic about her love of snacking in bed. In her comics, Rose uses her life as inspiration. She draws upon her experiences – both good and bad – in ...

Cat-Ass-Trophy: Hilarious Comics From 'Catsass' - World's largest collection of cat memes and other animals Funny Cat Videos, Funny Cats, Funny Animals, Crazy Cat Lady, Crazy Cats, Funny Illustration, Illustration Animals, Animal Illustrations, Cat Comics

Cat Sass: What Your Cat Really Thinks About You [COMICS]

Think your precious, little kitty looks at you with the utmost adoration and praise? Think again. The artist behind the Cat Sass Tumblr believes our cats are actually cynical, bitter and pretty much out to get us. Charming, yet brutally honest, her minimalist, black-and-white comics show us how it really is. She draws inspiration from ...

How Well I Sleep funny comics lol humor funny pictures funny photos funny images hilarious pictures Funny Duck, The Funny, Fowl Language Comics, Duck Cartoon, Sleep Cartoon, Cartoon Humor, Cartoons, Humor Grafico, Sleep Deprivation

Coping with Everyday Life, as Illustrated by a Charming Little Duck [COMICS]

Life can be a real quack sometimes, don't you think? So why not draw a comic that uses a cute and charming duck as the protagonist to portray the struggles of everyday life? Cartoonist Brian Gordon of Fowl Language Comics creates wonderfully playful, humorous, and down-to-earth comics about Dicky, a duck coping with life as ...

Sometimes Monday's Writing Memes Are Serious and Informative. Writing Humor, Writing Quotes, Writing Advice, Writing Help, Writing A Book, Writing Prompts, Writing Comics, Fiction Writing, Poster Shop

Why Do Writers Write? [COMIC]

Why do writers pick up their pens and put words to paper? Illustrator Grant Snider of Incidental Comics answers this question in a cute and quirky drawing called 'Why We Write.' His illustration shows several reasons, from deep introspection and caffeine highs to quixotic ambition and bouts of imagination. The cutest part of Snider's comic ...

Featured Image for Hilarious illustrations show how dogs see the world differently from us Crate Training, Training Your Dog, Training Tips, Savannah Georgia, Humour Wtf, Photo Humour, Illustrator, Tastefully Offensive, See World

How We See the World vs. How Dogs See the World [COMICS]

To you, it’s thunder. To your dog, it's the wrath of vengeful gods. Where you see a bath, your dog sees waterboarding. And that hamburger you’re about to bite into, to your dog it looks like a pile of cocaine. Do you own a dog? If so, you probably understand that you and your pet ...

Grant Snider of Incidental Comics made "The News," a comic about how listening to newscasts can affect one's outlook on life. Posters of his work are available for purchase on his website. comic by. Artist Grants, Create A Comic, Cartoon N, Stream Of Consciousness, Photo Caption, Fun Comics, Calvin And Hobbes, Writing A Book, Writing Comics

The News and How Current Events Can Be a Real Bummer [COMIC]

Ever listen to the news and think about how many miserable events occur around the world? Do you ever think there's no end to the tragedies and calamities? Incidental Comics cartoonist and illustrator Grant Snider created a comic that portrays this exact feeling. You'll be listening to the radio while on your commute and, after ...

Orthodontist and cartoonist Grant Snider of Incidental Comics created "Designer Chairs," a comic about wacky, imaginative chairs from the unchaste lounge, complete with clothes strewn all over it, . Library Humor, Writing Humor, Funny Wall Art, Chair Parts, Compact Table And Chairs, Lounge, World Of Interiors, Lucid Dreaming, Chairs For Sale

The Wacky World of Designer Chairs [COMIC]

In the modern world of interior design, there's a good chance you'll see some pretty odd styles. Cartoonist Grant Snider from Incidental Comics created a humorous comic called 'Designer Chairs,' which illustrates several kinds of weird and wacky chairs. You can see funny chairs like a 2-D printed chair and a gummi chair made out ...

laughingsquid: “ Cartoonist Gemma Correll Illustrates Winter Hazards From the Mundane to the Unexpected ” I hate sidestepping portals to hell on my way to work Christmas Gift Help, Ohh Deer, Tastefully Offensive, Tiny Prints, Funny Comics, Tree Branches, Unique Art, Funny Photos, Mittens

The Expected and Unexpected Dangers of Winter [COMIC]

Do you love winter or do you dread the cold? Cartoonist Gemma Correll created a comic “Winter Hazards,” which illustrates for us all the dangers of the season. While the comic includes your expected hazards, such as slipping on ice and deceptively deep sludge puddles, you also have some surprising ones like carnivorous snowmen and ...

What ur smartphone txting style says about you. The last one OMG! Witty Comics, Tastefully Offensive, Good Humor, I Love To Laugh, Dog Houses, Decir No, Texts, Funny Pictures, Smartphone

What Your Smartphone Messaging Style Says About You [COMIC]

You've surely heard about how your handwriting can hint at your personality. Did you ever think that your style of texting might do the same? The Doghouse Diaries created an amusing comic 'What Your Smartphone Messaging Style Says About You' that illustrates what the way we use our phones says about our personalities. For example, ...

Funny pictures about Some Potential Bookmarks. Oh, and cool pics about Some Potential Bookmarks. Also, Some Potential Bookmarks photos. I Love Books, Good Books, Books To Read, My Books, Book Memes, Book Quotes, Reading Quotes, Reading Meme, Story Quotes

What Do You Use for Bookmarks? [COMIC]

Ever been so captivated by a book that the world outside of its pages slips away? But suddenly the doorbell rings. Or the lasagna in the oven begins to burn. Or you realize you haven't gone to the bathroom in seven hours… You need a bookmark! And a toilet! What do you do? Why, you ...

What They Teach You at Creative Writing Courses - by Tom Gauld in the Guardian. Writing Humor, Pre Writing, Writing Quotes, Writing Advice, Writing Ideas, Writing Romance, Start Writing, Writing Help, Writing Services

'Procrastination For Creative Writers, a 10-Week Course' [COMIC]

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating? Writers rearrange objects on their desks, waste time picking the perfect fonts, and don't forget those ever-important snack and drink breaks. In his recent comic 'Procrastination For Creative Writers, a 10-Week Course,' London-based cartoonist Tom Gauld artfully transformed the writers' dawdling into a two-and-half-month program of study. The curriculum ...