These remind me of us so much. Especially the fifth one from the bottom, when someone walks up behind us unexpectedly... ;)

Drawings by Burdge - Different Couple Poses - Drawing Reference

Gazeraz Alchemist - concept by *MizaelTengu on deviantART

Gazeraz Alchemist, concept by MizaelTengu on deviantART (clothing reference)

Fire Spirit by *thiago-almeida on deviantART

Fire Spirit by *thiago-almeida on deviantART. Potential primitive spellwarrior or variant kensai I am a massive fan of the use of energy flowing off a characters body and/or weapon and it forming into a shape, or just a smoke effect.

Never seen anything else but a classic so this is cool! Different even know they're others!!!!

The adventures first,' said the Gryphon in an impatient tone: 'explanations take such a dreadful time.'" (Lewis Carroll)---I use these when writing


Black lightning deity, geisha of blood kimono rosette COL

Skoll by *akreon on deviantART

Iki-off white wolves comic

Diablo iii Shield by ruan_jia (Ruan Jia) - Digital ArtLords

Female Crusader ~ Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Diabloiii Shield by ruan_jia (Ruan Jia) - Digital ArtLords

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Sketching for inspiration and to find characters for a comic I’m working on. That last print I posted was obviously based on the same thing…

Mathilda (Leon). Amazing vector portraits by Ilya Kuvshinov, talented digital artist and illustrator based in Moscow,

Here's a wonderfully illustrated piece of fan art featuring Natalie Portman 's Mathilda from the classic hitman film The Professional. It was created by Ilya Kuvshinov, and it captures the character perfectly. I absolutely love the eyes!

sword monster

The reason i like this weapon is that it looks very powerful as it is the same size as the character, I think this could have an advantage of winning a battle.

Class: Agent by Rubisko

Class: Agent by Rubisko female armor bodysuit equipment gear magic item…

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1, 2, 5, and 8 are mine, 3, 6, and 7 were adopted by @lauren mason

Aryllis - character anf art auction - CLOSED by akreon on DeviantArt

Throwing 20s Thief Class, David Valdez on ArtStation at

Throwing Thief Class, David Valdez on ArtStation at…

Mathilda by on @DeviantArt

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