Corfu, one of the most cosmopolitan Greek Islands, is weaving a powerful spell on its visitors. — in Corfu, Kerkira.

Blue on Blue, Folegandros, Greece - Δεν υπάρχει καπνός μήτε Ιθάκη.  ΄Αλλον ορίζοντα δεν έχουν πια οι ορίζοντες.    Το αιώνιο τραγούδι του πόντου απαντά στο κενό και γεμίζει το μηδέν με καρδιά και ήλιο.~Γιάννης Ρίτσος

Reminds me of lazy childhood summer days in the Mediterranean and the melancholy that accompanies a day's end. (Blue on Blue, Folegandros, Greece)

Chapel of Panagia ~ Folegandros

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An image of the sea, as we find it in Homer, comes to us intact. Rimbaud will say "a sea mixed with sun". Except he will add: "that is eternity." (  The Nobel Prize in Literature 1979  Odysseus Elytis)

Getaway Taken To Remarkable Romantic Heights: Astarte Suites, Santorini, Greece