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black and white photograph of drums in the dark
drums wallpaper
a bathroom with graffiti on the walls and two urinals next to each other
CBGB Bathroom
En la miseria también hay clases.
a black and white drawing of a circular object
Snare Drum
• Fine Art giclee canvas print professionally hand-stretched; wrapped over…
a black and red circle with some lines around it
Spinning Vinyl, by Denis Marsili... T-shirt graphic for Anthony
an old piano is sitting in the sun with its shadow on it's surface
Yamaha DGX-230 76-Key Electronic Keyboard with Nearly 500 Voices and Recording Feature -
Piano Light, Kevin Russ .
an old metal sign that says drums the heart of music
Douglas Tadeu Bottino Ladenthin - Músico Baterista
Drums... The heart of rock n roll's still beating
black and white photograph of drums in the dark
Drum Low Key
Jim toca la bateria
the simple map is shown in black and white, with arrows pointing to each other
Part Three - ii, iii, and vi Chords, The Simple Map
Wish I had this in music school... Music: Theory for Songwriters - Chord Map!
an old violin sitting on top of a table
Silence is golden. But music can move you.