OC: Jostein (God Of War)

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God of War fanfiction
Made by Honeybee on insta!
Made by Honeybee on insta!


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Furs and Capes

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Jostein: God Of Justice

Unique Godly Powers

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Spear Of Trust

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Björn Form: Roar
Björn Form: Fangs

Jötunn Powers

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Berserker Rage: Able To Take On Armies
Berserker Rage: Fear Inducement

Berserker Rage

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golden eyes


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Om den här är historiskt korrekt vet jag inte, men jag kunde inte komma på vilken anslagstavla jag skulle "pinna" den, så...


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Jostein: Training To Control His Berserker Rage

Skills And Abilities

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"Assasins Creed Valhalla Weapons: Celtic Crusher Hammer" by Aljay Delos Santos


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Godlike Strength: Able To Go Toe-To-Toe With Thor
Jostein: Eyes Glow Blue When Manipulating Lightning

Demigod Powers

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The 9 Realms

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Personal Items

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Rona: Able To Call Other Wolves To Fight Beside Her

Rona (Fylgja)

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Thor (Father)

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Lyra (Mother)

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Lady Sif (Stepmother)

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Odin (Grandfather)

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Magni (Stepbrother Deceased)

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Modi (Stepbrother Deceased)

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Sigdrifa (Stepsister)

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