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Uplifting Sun Tea #herbaltea

Rosemary Gladstar's Joy Tea Use Organic fresh or dried herbs & flowers - cup organic rose petals cup organic hibiscus cup organic hawthorne berries & cup organic lemon balm 2 TBSP of organic lavendar 1 TBSP cardamon

If you are trying to avoid #coffee, but still miss it in the #morning?  You may like the option of #HERBALTEA (available at It has rich and deep flavor - a great #coffeealternative!!! You  can even regulate the strength of the tea. And do not forget add the #superfoods to your diet - start with the #YOGURT. On the picture: #low-fat organic yogurt. #gojiberries, #hempseed, #flaxseed, #raisins and #mil-berries and a pinch of #rawcocoa powder Stay Fit, Eat…

Soaking and Fermenting Oats, Nuts, Seeds, Flour, Rice recipe: You better soak and ferment your grains and nuts to reduce the amount of phytic acid in them. Phytic acid prevents the vitamins and minerals to be properly absorbed by your body.