Simple Caprese Pasta - must try!

Easy and quick dinner: Creamy caprese pasta.This recipe is so delicious and will soon become a new family favorite!

Λαχταριστές, κρεμώδεις πένες με κοτόπουλο και μπέικον

I found this recipe from here via Pintrest. It was super yummy. I mean how can you go wrong with pasta, chicken and bacon?

Τορτελίνια ογκραντέν με μανιτάρια και τυριά.

Τορτελίνια ογκραντέν με μανιτάρια και τυριά.

Καρμπονάρα φούρνου με πένες

Carbonara pasta bake A hassle-free carbonara recipe using eggs to create a thick, rich sauce. Serve straight from the pan or turn it into a pasta bake by popping it under the grill.

μακαρονια με τυρι

Nigella's macaroni and cheese - uses shredded cheese, eggs, and evaporated milk instead of a traditional cheese sauce

Καρμπονάρα με γιαούρτι: Εύκολη, πεντανόστιμη και με τις μισές θερμίδες!

Spaghetti carbonara is one of the most popular Italian pasta dishes. This pasta carbonara recipe combines cream, eggs, cheese and bacon.

Πένες με κοτόπουλο και μοτσαρέλα | Συνταγές -

Chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and penne pasta in a creamy mozzarella cheese sauce seasoned with basil, crushed red pepper flakes

Μακαρόνια με μανιτάρια του Jamie Oliver

A little pancetta goes a long way to adding richness and depth to the flavours in this tasty pasta dish. note halved measurements, 2 eggs added some cream cooked pancetta seperate to mushroom added garlic at the end