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an aerial view of a town and river in the middle of a valley with trees on both sides
River Tarn Millau Aveyron France
Millau Aveyron - France #Holiday #Travel
many boats are docked in the water near buildings
Colours of Burano
Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy
two canoes sitting on the beach next to each other
Praia de Fora, Santa Catarina , Brazil
Praia de Fora, Santa Catarina, Brazil
an aerial view of jets flying in formation over the ocean, with clouds behind them
The Sun
Iconic ... Red Arrows snapped in Eagle formation over Akrotiri, Cyprus - I remember free flying displays for a month every year when I lived there in the 1980's :)
an aerial view of a city with red roofs and blue water in the foreground
Nafpaktos Greece
an aerial view of skyscrapers in the city at night, with lights shining on them
Whoa!! ethereo: rocket (by st-sc)
an aerial view of a city at night with bright lights and buildings in the background
an aerial view of a city at night with skyscrapers lit up in the background
Lighting Dubai- my second dream place to visit!! Someday :)
the city skyline is lit up at night with skyscrapers in the foreground and boats on the water below
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an island in the middle of the ocean with lots of land on top of it
The real Tracy Island? Tiny Japanese volcanic outcrop is the spitting image of the Thunderbirds' ocean base
Aogashima Island
a woman sitting on steps surrounded by rabbits
Ōkunoshima, The Rabbit Island, tame rabbits deliberately left on the island and can be hand fed
an ornate gold and red wall with intricate carvings on it's sides, in front of
Temple Decoration #Laos