Panagiotis Bredimas

Panagiotis Bredimas

Athens  ·  All objects are walls for writing on. Take any form and project it onto any surface. Earrings can be billboards, tables can be screens, buildings can be magazin
Panagiotis Bredimas
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The literary map of London is just beautiful

mapsontheweb: Literary map of London twogunsalute: Characters from over 250 novels plotted in the parts of London they either called home or spent a lot of time. Designed by graphic artist Dex working with interior designer Anna Burles.

To διάσημο μοσχάρι bourguignon της Julia Child

Here is one of France’s most famous dish: The Beef Bourguignon. A stew prepared with red wine braised beef and beef broth, generally flavored with garlic, onions and a bouquet garni with pearl onions and mushrooms to finish the cooking. Is anyone hungry?

Are 20-Somethings Better Workers Than Their Parents? Check This Chart

Are Better Workers Than Their Parents? Check This Chart

Photoshop: The First Demo

Photoshop: The First Demo imagine this: it’s and you’re sitting behind a computer, photoshopping your girlfriend on the beach in bora bora, while she gazes out towards to’opua island.