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Picturesque little streets from all around Greece! This is street photography, the Greek way, colourful doors, cobblestone alleyways, and bougainvillaea in every shape and color. #explore #enjoy #travel
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Σκύρος ~ Skyros island Στην πόρτα του παράδεισουφυτρώνει ένα δεντράκιμα του καημού τα δάκρυατου γίνανε φαρμάκι tBoH

Boho design - magenta purple pink violet front door and flower bush tree doorway house entrance boho moroccan interior design - Gardening Daily

Through any window.... It's magical Greece!

orchidaorchid: Through any window…. It’s magical Greece!

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Sidewalk Cafe, Crete, Greece

Beautiful alley restaurant, Crete, Greece… Another beautiful place I was lucky enough to visit