Annabeth Jackson

Annabeth Jackson

Camp HalfBlood / Daughter of Athena
Annabeth Jackson
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This movie is great

Funny pictures about A summary of their entire relationship. Oh, and cool pics about A summary of their entire relationship. Also, A summary of their entire relationship.

When Cap discovered he could wield Mjolnir. That would be Coulson cheering him on. Awesome.

When Steve discovered he could wield Mjolnir.oh my gosh, Clint and Thor's facial expressions. <-- In the original comics, Cap actually COULD lift Thor's hammer

Percy is concerned while Jason doesn't care

Piper and Annabeth's friendship is the best. I love that everyone in the fandom just accepts that they get really competitive on Pokemon


Waiting on Sherlock. (Poor soul apparently didn't recognize the car. the car too!)<--- of course they recognized the car it's superwholock you twat!

Omg its perfect

But can you imagine Moriarty running into Crowley? I mean, Moriarty is scary and psycho, but he's human. Crowley could destroy him with a snap of his fingers. Basically I'm saying I would love to see Moriarty shaking in his boots before Crowley 😈

I  legit miss Lucifer.

I will defend being sane till the last piece of pie! we will never be sane, no matter how insane the rest of you think you are, you will never reach our level.) <<<< you are my hero

Tumblr Defends Supernatural

I swear, every single freaking fandom came out of the woodwork to back us up.>>>even woodwork fandom.


Sam's the one going around licking knives and drinking demon blood (maybe not in this episode, but you know).