Demetra Proestopoulos

Demetra Proestopoulos

Demetra Proestopoulos
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IKEA furniture is often regarded as disposable but here's a great example of breathing life into old furniture!

Our rental home has a large but highly impractical kitchen layout. The area under this window was completely bare so I installed a cost effective kitchen nook which we use for family meals and a kids homework/activity area using an IKEA beech LAGAN workto

Seconding the flush-against-the-wall idea. Looks quaint, cozy.

Small dining rooms and areas are inherently a lot more difficult to design than compact bedrooms and tiny living spaces. Turn a small dining room into a focal point of your house with these tips and tricks.

PARTED BANGS..Parted bangs are the next kinds of bangs we are going to talk about and these are typically bangs that are a little blunt, but are parted in a middle. These bangs are fun, flirty and look great on any face shape! The best part? They look good pinned back or left down, it all depends on the style you are going for!

Inspiring pictures of Layered Haircuts For Long Hair With Side Bangs. You can use this Layered Haircuts For Long Hair With Side Bangs to upgrade your style.