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Greece / #Lovatic, #Arianator, #Selenator, #NayaRivera, #LeaMichele I love Meredith Foster♥ Check Meredith Foster on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/StilaBabe09
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Demi is probaly engaged to Wilmer,Lea's "What Is Love?" is already #1. WHAT IS LIFE

Demi is probaly engaged to Wilmer,Lea's "What Is Love?" is already #1. WHAT IS LIFE

She was told she wasn't good enough to make it to succes.She was told she wouldn't make it as a singer.She was told she wasn't pretty enough to make it as an actress.But she shuted everyone's mouth with her increrible talent and she's growing strong.That's my idol and i'm proud of her.

Glee star Lea Michele took The X Factor stage for the first time to perform her single, "Cannonball." That is one artist who definitely has the 'x' factor - what a triple threat! Which X Factor contestants would you want to see on Glee?

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Please repin we have to do this for Ariana

ok guys i kno about the ashton thing but its really not her fault i mean she works really hard and i think she deserves this plz comment if your in and insead of February lets do may instead cuz February has already past - kimberlee [TBCI]


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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez: Toronto Talk Show Appearances!: Photo Selena Gomez shares a laugh with the NEW. hosts while appearing on the show at the MuchMusic HQ on Thursday afternoon (May in Toronto, Canada.