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The 10 Best Things to Buy at Trader Joe's, According to Chefs
Many Trader Joe’s shoppers cite the cheeses alone as a reason the find themselves at the store so often. “At home, I love a cheese plate on the table while dinner is cooking,” says Ann Ziata, a chef-instructor at New York’s Institute of Culinary Education. “The selection from TJ’s is a bargain, and it helps the meal stay on budget without ever tasting like a budget.” Ziata also praises the store’s variety and fun signature flavors. “One of my favorite easy meals is seared salmon topped with their blueberry vanilla chèvre, pecans and a little balsamic and olive oil.” During the holidays, look for the seasonal baked lemon honey ricotta. “Serve it with crackers for the easiest and most indulgent dessert ever,” she says.