Agnondas, Skopelos

Luxury holidays in Skopelos are for the discerning and determined, for Skopelos does not have its own airport. Read our helpful guide to Skopelos here.

The top of the hill chapel used in Mama Mia's movie on Skopelos island!!

A church perched on a cliff's edge on Skopelos Island, Aegean Sea, Hellas.

Kastani beach in Skopelos Island - GREECE

Kastani beach - Skopelos Where they filmed 'Mamma Mia' beach scenes

Strifiti pita - Tyropita - Spiral cheese pie

strifti tyropita - greek spiral cheese pie You can find the BEST on Alonissos or Skopelos island (but you can also find this elsewhere in Greece)

Milia Beach, Skopelos island, Hellas, Greece

" Film Director Appeals To Tourism Minister Against Coastal Development Plans In Greece

A view from Milia Beach in Skopelos to Dasia island, Greece. Milia beach is a lush, shingle beach with crystal water. Milia is crowded during the high season, but if you walk towards the end of the beach, you will find a quiet cove, behind the rocks. The Myth: Opposite Milia beach you can see a small islet named Dasia. The legend says that a big treasure is buried there, in a deep well. If somebody wants to take the treasure he should sacrifice one of his relatives!

Was the photo edited, or is it really possible for seawater to be this beautiful, blue colour? If someone knows, tell me, cos I've dreamed of seeing it in real life!

Skopelos Island, Hellas

bluepueblo: Turquoise Sea, Skopelos Island, Greece One of my favorite islands!