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AMB - Mixdown Checklist

If you want to make sure you get the best out of your mixes, there’s a few things I recommend you check before rendering it to audio. Here are 9 of the ones I consider most important. (How To Make Good Musicallys)

Linux Directory Structure (File System Structure) Explained with Examples

Write a command to find all of the files which have been accessed within the last 30 days # find / -type f -atime *.

Understanding others belief systems was part of my early training in Wicca.  One of the steps to knowing myself before taking any oaths.  GOD IS I AM

FOOD FOR THOUGHT👇👇👇 At this crucial juncture, it is vital to insert that the foundations of governance in thee United States is based on and derived from, the original spiritual belief system of an…

Linux manual

Linux manual