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Lorelie Castil | 24 y.o | Manila, Philippines | Jesus The Gospel Church International | This life left me feeling as though I had no self-worth, no value and no one to turn to. But JESUS CHRIST made me realize that I have greater worth than gold and taught me to never again find fault to what He has so fearfully and wonderfully made. I am created to go far, to go & preach the Gospel to all nations. I am infinitely thankful because God redeemed me from the empty way of life. My past doesn't…

Warts: the Ultimate Convenience! - Healthy Medicine Tips

There are five big kinds of warts. Sometimes, they may recur after treatment and more than one type of treatment may be necessary. A wart could be a bump with a rough surface, or ...

6 Natural Flu Remedies for Quick Recovery - Women Fitness Magazine

6 Natural Flu Remedies for Quick Recovery - 6 Natural Flu Remedies for Quick Recovery : Most folks are going to have the flu for around a week but might feel weak and tired after recovering. Lastly,

ABC Bible Verses - sarah brooks

Several years ago when my firstborn was 18 months old, I sat across from a mentor and asked her how to teach him about Jesus.

Who is God to you?

Faith-filled women facing life together. Health, hope, wellness and inspirational encouragement. #inspirational #life #selfcare #faith #christian #womenoffaith #inspirational #motivational

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“If you think God can't use you.. #GodsChristianWarriors”

Bible Verses for Mental Health ~

Are you a christian that is struggling with any anxiety or any mental health issue? Print off my list of Bible Verses for Mental Health.

How to Increase Your Lung Capacity: 4 Exercises to Try Today

Do you ever feel like you get short of breath in situations when other people may not? If so, there are several factors that could contribute to this, including the negative effects of smoking, asthma, and COPD. Or maybe you are a runner, swimmer, yoga enthusiast or singer, and have what would be considered 'normal' lung capacity. But you want to increase your lung capacity so you can improve in your craft. If either of these is true, one thing you can do is learn how to increase your lung…

Names and Titles of God Almighty

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6 Minerals for Diabetes -

Minerals are an essential part of the human body. Minerals are just as vital as vitamins in keeping your body healthy and happy. In fact, mineral deficiencies can lead to a host of health problems, including an increased chance of diabetes. If you have diabetes, ensuring your diet is rich in the following minerals will help you restore balance to your body and reduce the need for diabetes medications. Combined with other natural treatments for diabetes, you may find that you no longer suffer…

How To Get Rid Of The Flu Fast: Detox Bath - The Bewitchin' Kitchen

How to get rid of the flu fast? Easy: detox bath. This stopped my flu in it's tracks and it's easy to make from items you probably already have in your home

What hurts you….

Scripture plans to work out your hurts. Remember to pray about your hurts as much as you think about them. I pray for your journey. Keep me posted. Love y’all.