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caramel apple slices on a baking sheet with chocolate drizzle and almonds
Caramel Apple Slices
Caramel Apple Slices are a delicious twist on a fall classic that are easier to eat & enjoy at parties or just for fun! Recipe at @blissfulmiller.
two shots of mint and white chocolate hot cocoa
Mint Hot Chocolate
DELICIOUS Mint and White Chocolate Hot Cocoa - it will be your new favorite holiday drink. It's easy to make and so addicting!
the info sheet for smoothies
15 Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes To Start Your Day - Juicing and Smoothies
How to make the perfect smoothie. Kids love smoothies and these smoothie ideas can inspire your children to eat vegetables and enjoy healthy food. Mix and match smoothie recipes to find your perfect healthy drink.
there are three different pictures of hot chocolate
Nutella Hot Chocolate
Nutella-Hot-Chocolate: Amber's review - made 12/14/15 - for the most part I followed this recipe - more or less eyeballed it (probably used more Nutella than the recipe called for) - either way, this is a delicious hot cocoa!