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Alexandra Komninou
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One of my very favorite pieces of JohnLock fanart

Iwhat if this was after Sherlock died, and came back, so John wants Sherlock to be close to him, so they, like watch a movie (even though its obviously pointless to Sherlock to watch a movie because they're all predictable) and they fall asleep?

Oh, What a Night - Chapter 7 - penumbra - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Hair ruffle oh my God its so cute he doesn't know what to do with his hands <<--- Sherlock you put your hands on John back pulling him close and close your eyes

sherlock | ARCHIA♥ART

archiaart: He would sit like that for hours, if Sherlock let him.

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Seriously, Sherlock?!

Lmao I tooooootally don't like fan fic stuff, but I love the final comment lol - "Kissing's good XD" // ooh my god you guys.

Grief by AlessiaPelonzi. // Oh wow wow wow. <3

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