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Zen Floral Doodling
Zen Floral Doodling
two notebooks with different colored designs on them
Meet my New Friends the Pentels — Jennifer Mullin
Pentel RSVP and Bic Cristal pens were used in this abstract sketchbook spread.
someone is drawing mountains on paper with a pen
@christarijn | #tempuradesign if you would like to be featured
an abstract black and white photo with wavy lines
Account Suspended
Black and Night An exhibition of drawings and small paintings on paper by artists Brendan Monroe and Evah Fan.
an abstract drawing in black and white with lines on the bottom, one diagonally drawn
| A N O M A L I E N | 2 0 0 9 |
Simple Lines can create very complex and amazing art.
a black and white drawing of a tree
NEW Bird Tree and Egg original linocut by bluecicada on Etsy
linocut,birds - Google zoeken