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Patmos Island, Greece, one of the most breath taking places I've been lucky to visit!

Patmos, Greece

Patmos, Greece - From the Patmos Deception by Davis Bunn. Looking forward to this book!

Patmos Island, Greece. The cave cave where John wrote the book of Revelation is there!

The “island of the Apocalypse” or “Jerusalem of the Aegean” welcomes you! Pátmos is quite popular amongst pilgrims since in one of the island’s caves John the Theologian, one of Christ’s disciples, wrote the “Book of Revelations”.

✭ An aerial view of the coastal village of Skala, on Patmos Island - Greece

An Aerial View Of The Coastal Village Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Tino Soriano

I mean, roughly. Obviously not this town -- you know what I mean. prettier than I imagined, really.

Patmos I loved it here!!!! 2004

Small yet absolutely beautiful, the island of is ideal for a relaxing

Patmos Greece - Cave of the Apocalypse (St. John received the Revelation)

Cave of the Apocalypse(St John received the Revelation)-Patmos HELLAS

Καλημερα !! Πατμος Patmos Greece

Windmills in Patmos Island, Greece - They were working on them when I was there but just before we left, they were functioning again.



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