Disney Villain hearts

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With ‘Disney Villaintines’ - but the cheshire cat wasn't a villain.

i love ,adore ,pethaino svino gia arka!

-Angel,what happen there?-the year is changing.

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Its a big luck to born Greek and its a big luck to die Greek!but the intermediate,its misfortune!


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-what does the kitty say?-mew-what does the dog say?-gab-gab- (second picture) -What does the pig say?-bring me a beer from the fridge-mpravo,my boy!

Αρκάς Απλά Τέλειος

In Greece you feel like tampon.You live in the nicest place of the world the worst period

Χριστούγεννα με τον Αρκά

Χριστούγεννα με τον Αρκά

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