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This explains my love for dance lol ballet and Hiphop dancer ❤

Dancing, a important thing in culture. A couple of years ago I danced myself. And this picture describes the dance styles I love the most. Ballet, because it can really tell a story. But hip-hop, because it brings along a positive vibe.

Ballet Dancer Shoes 8x10 Poster Print. “You don’t walk places, you dance there.” More fun dance quotes make this the perfect dance gift.

“You don’t walk places, you dance there.” Ballet Shoes Dancer Poster Print features inspiring sayings and a photo of worn ballet shoes. If you love dance, this poster is the perfect dance gift to deco

Ballet on Pointe Dance 8x10 Sport Poster Print

Ballet on Pointe Dance Poster Print is full of funny quotes and a posed dancer. “Life without ballet would be pointeless,” is one motivational dance quote on this print. Hang this great dance gift on