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Day 5: Favourite Book. It's gotta be DH. It's when all comes together, all gets explained, where love wins over evil, and it's just so magically written. I love how you not only get to see the way every character grew up to be, and how much they've changed since PS, but it shows how they react to traumatic experiences such as wars and loss of loved ones. I don't think you can get to know a character better than when you see them at their worst, which I think it's beautiful, and Jo's gift to…

My interpretation of "The Tale of Three Brothers" scene in Harry Potter and the Deatly Hallows movie. Watch the scene here: [link] Zoom in for details. The Tale of Three Brothers

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Sternum design for Tina Deluca (all designs are subject to copyright therefore illegal to use without permission or purchase. To order your own custom design please visit my website or email: both in bio)