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Розпис кафедрального собору (купо..

Розпис кафедрального собору (купола)

Розпис кафедрального собору (купола) from Кам'янець-Подільське іконописне духовне училище, 240 photos

Full of Grace and Truth: St. Christopher the Great Martyr of Lycia

St. Christopher the Great Martyr of Lycia

Christ is risen! Truly He is risen! St. Christopher the Great Martyr of Lycia - Commemorated on May 9 ( The Holy Martyr Christopher lived during the third century and suffered about the year 250, during the reign of the emperor Decius (249-251). There are various accounts of his life and miracles, and he is widely venerated throughout the world. St Christopher is especially venerated in Italy, where people pray to him in times of contagious…

Oil and Bronze Leaf on Canvas Religious Art, 'Saint Christopher'

Legend tells how Saint Christopher sought to serve the greatest of all kings. Instructed in the Christian faith by a hermit, he began assisting travelers to cross a wide river. One day, a child needed to cross. As Christopher advanced with the child on his shoulders, his load became heavier and heavier, and the waters became deeper and swifter. Once safe on the other shore, the child told Christopher he had carried the weight of the entire world and He who made it. Realizing that this was…

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Saint Christopher, Patron Saint Of Agrinio

Saint Christopher the Martyr is the patron saint of Agrinio, where there are two churches built in his honor. The old church was founded in 1847 and the new one was founded in 1920 and consecrated in 1937. The old church is found east of the city choked by the grove. This was the first parish of the village of Vrachori near Agrinio, as is evidenced by the location of the first cemetery of Agrinio near the church. The people of Vrachori chose to name their church after St. Christopher for the…

Nec Spe, Nec Metu

Pietro Novelli (Il Monrealese), Saint Christopher, 1637

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