Dimitris Fintzos-Vavlis

Dimitris Fintzos-Vavlis

Dimitris Fintzos-Vavlis
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What does this burger have to do with Bill Murray? Absolutely nothing. Well, unless of course you're Bill Murray. In that case, this is a very personal public invite to join me for a burger and .


The Kaleesi Burger from PornBurger A berberre-rubbed kale burger topped with shiitake "bacon", Red Dragon cheese, heirloom tomato, beet gratin, and sumac aioli.

I love burgers, and I would totally try a Hot Fuzz #HotFuzzOfficial

Skip the bun and try a peach instead. With a tangy balsamic glaze, creamy buffalo mozzarella, salty smoked ham, and a savory beef patty, this is among the most unique burgers we've ever seen. Get the recipe at Pornburger.


a fish called hitachi wand(a) {lightly fried smoked trout patty, Old Bay bacon potato salad, and a spicy dollop of Gordy’s Cherry Pepper Spread, olive oil bun} // pornburger