"Indian Rose" by Ludi flower, floral, stars

"Indian Rose" by Ludi flower, floral, stars

"•Morning Visitors ♬•" by Duklida birds, garden, morning, visitors

Cheep Seats pattern by Wordofmouse.

"cosmos02" by yuki-i

shape by yuki-i.

"In full bloom!" by sherrydee846

Sherry 2 pattern by

"we draw dream2gether" by sugary

At Sunrise pattern by ChequeredLily.

"Red and the Wolf" by emweb

Red and the Wolf color palette by emweb.

"Every Day..." by pinkruby.abbate

"Every Day." by pinkruby.

"4 Leaf Olive Clover" by jules966 green, khaki, olive, shapes

Leaf Olive Clover" by green, khaki, olive, shapes